Krishna Piston & Rings offering premium quality mechanical products, we are recognized as the credible supplier of piston rings in India and across the world. To ensure high-quality and best performance, we offer a complete range of piston rings manufactured of Grey Cast Iron, Alloyed Cast iron, Spheroidal Graphite Iron and High Strength Steel. We offer an extensive range of products ensuring thousands of applications in any engine. Some of the prime applications are AIRCOMPRESSOR, AUTOMOTIVE, HEAVY-DUTY TRANSPORTATION, AGRICULTURE, SMALL ENGINE, and much more

Piston rings are produced for the maintenance of cylinder and combustion pressure of an automobile. Their actual role lies in the prevention of oil from seeping into the combustion chamber and sealing in the air and fuel to compress them. In a piston, there are three piston rings performing different functions helping engine in its operation. Top ring, second ring and oil ring are three rings which are simultaneously used in the piston.

The top ring is the first ring also known as the compression ring. It helps piston perform well during the combustion process thus, preventing it from losing any pressure. It helps maintain the building of pressure when the piston reaches the top of the stroke and all this is possible because it acts as a barrier.

Also known as the secondary ring, the second ring is a backup compression ring with a slightly tighter tolerance thus, helping top compression ring in sealing the combustion chamber.


The oil ring is the last ring which functions along with the piston inside the engine in lubrication of cylinder, walls, pistons, rings and wrist pins. It prevents the oil from the combustion process and also helps in thermal control by cooling the piston and directing oil around it.



Diameter Size




Grey Cast Iron (Individual Casting)

Alloyed Cast Iron

Spheroidal Graphite Iron (Ductile Rings)

High Strength Steel




Chrome Plating

Tin Coating

Copper Flash

Moly Inlay / Plasma Moly

Quality Commitments

All the Grindtech Piston Rings produced are passed through stringest tests such as :

Metallurgical analysis

Dimensional check

End Gap checking

Hardness Test

Tangential Load test

Light Pass Test for Perfect Circularity

Profile check, Parallelism, etc.



Plain Compression Rings, Scrapper/Napier Rings,

Slotted Oil Rings,

Hard Chrome Plated Compression Oil Rings, Taper Faced(Periphery) Rings,

Full/ Half Keystone Rings,

Step Cut Rings,

Slant Cut Rings,

Lock Type Rings,

Spring Loaded Oil Rings (with Helical Coil springs),

Profile Grinded Oil Rings,

Duaflex Oil Rings,

Steel Laminated Segments,

3-Piece Nifflex Oil Rings (various designs),

Steel Oil Rings,

Bimetal Rings etc.



We,Krishna Piston & Rings, deliver wisely engineered optimal horsepower, oil control and durable product for your engine. Our entire products are engineered using latest techniques that include AutoCAD. Each product is produced using highest quality raw materials with an aim to meet OEM standards by following entire quality control parameters at all stages of production. 


Typical Chemical Composition: 

















Other elements may be present only at trace levels.

Mechanical Properties:


95-105 HRB




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