Krishna Piston and Rings manufactures Piston & Rings for a wide variety of industries. We manufacture Piston & Rings used in specialized applications according to our customer’s specifications. Therefore, we have an extensive range of Piston & Rings that we manufacture. Our Piston Rings range from 30 mm to 400 mm and Piston range from 25mm to 250mm. We adhere to our customer’s specifications for all the parameters required by them. We also work with all our customers to improve the performance of our Piston & Rings in turn improving the performance of their respective products. We also are also very conscious about the cost effectiveness of our Piston & Rings and are always working to satisfy our customers.

KPR is dedicated to its customers and keeps up with changing technology. We also design Piston & Rings to our customer’s requirement.

We supply Piston & Rings to a diverse section of Industry for various applications. Some of the industries/applications we cater to are as follows:

1. Agriculture machines

2. Tractors

3. Light & Heavy commercial vehicles.

4. Industrial & Marine engines.

5. Earthmoving Equipment’s.

6. Air Brake Compressors.

7. Industrial Air Compressors.

8. Refrigeration (Gas) compressors.

9. Pneumatic and hydraulic sealing systems.

10. Transmission Systems

11. Passenger Vehicles

12. Stationary Vehicles

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