The process starts by preparing the alloy (as per the specification) from virgin raw materials by heating them to the desired temperatures on induction furnaces. The prepared alloy is then scooped up with a ladle from the crucible (the pot that holds the molten material) and carried to moulding furnaces for re-melting and material treatment. The alloy is now free from gases and other impurities and is now ready for production. The molten material is then poured into the die on semi-automatic squeeze castings line working under high pressures. The material is then allowed to cool before it is removed from the die. After the castings have had time to cool they are visually checked for defects by KRISHNA PISTON & RING 's adroit staff, following which the casting has its runner & raiser removed by cutting on band saw machines. The castings are then placed into a heat treatment plant (with specified temperature & duration) for tempering, which ensures an improved quality. Required hardness is achieved and pre-formed stresses are relieved through ageing process. The machining cycle begins with various operations being performed in stages on fully & semi-automatic CNC machines and other Special Purpose Machines (SPM), to achieve the required shape and finish. Each machining cycle is done in modular assembly line (cell type) for an even greater concentration of quality & supply.

Subsequently, Semi-Auto boring along with cutting of groove for Circles and Gudgeon pin bore is done on a six-station semi-auto bore machine. Burnishing of the pin bore is also done (by a diamond tool) for accurate grooving and a smooth finish.

Ring grooves are then cut with the help of solid carbide and Poly crystalline tools for fine cut and accuracy in micron tolerances. Holes are drilled within the grooves for burr free oil holes for lubrication purpose. Facility is provided for horizontal and cross hole drilling. We at KRISHNA PISTON & RING also take care that the turning of the crown/ dish making be carried out on CNC.

At every stage of the production, inspection is carried to insure all specifications are met as required. The facility is equipped with all the latest equipment like computerized Vacuum Spectrometers and Bond checking Machines, Metallurgical Microscopes, Universal Testing Machine, Surface finish measuring equipment, Profile checking machines etc. along with a team of qualified professional staff.



Range: 25mm - 250mm

Material: LM13, Hyper-Eutectic, LM28, Steel, Forged, Cast Iron

Standard Material Composition: 







Max 1.3




Max 0.1








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